Wednesday, January 16, 2019


  1. Identify the social gaps among the relentlessly vulnerable communities in Sri Lanka and preside the available resources for their sustainable development over the next thirty years
  2. Capitalize the modern networking facilities through the website, social media and bilateral, multilateral conversations, for a prime platform intended to connect the needs and resources on a voluntary basis in order to provide a better life for all unfortunate men, women, children and elderly and differently abled people in Sri Lanka
  3. Facilitate development with possible modalities including a joint venture by connecting the underprivileged people who are struggling to have a decent and healthy life with the people and the organizations enriched with willingness, human, physical and financial resources and bring our pride back
  4. Develop a sense of self-dependence and self-reliance among the people.
  5. Initiate actions for Gender Mainstreaming, Environmental Conservation, and Community Disaster Risk Reduction 

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